Bass = GOOD!


Holy crap does a subwoofer ever make a difference. This one can be blamed on a nice chain of events.

  1. Roommate gets me listening to Sirius 20 "Octane"
  2. DMX - "Party Up" comes on, I realize how pitiful the bass in my car sounds
  3. Roommate's ex-GF comes to town, somehow ...
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The ‘Vic is for sale :( - $750


Unfortunately, I just have to sell my Crown Vic. It's been a great car for the past 14 months, and as my first car I'll always remember it.

Here's the info:

  • 1993 Ford Crown Victoria P71 "Police Interceptor"
  • VIN 2FACP71W7PX188764
  • 4.6L (281ci) SOHC V8 (200 HP ...
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