With the Obama administration looking like they will be rolling back Bush era policies allowing doctors to refuse to perform certain procedures and/or refuse to prescribe or sell certain medications (let's say RU-486 for example) the Internet's political debate hotspots have erupted as expected. Over at the Something Awful forums I saw a great post that completely explains my position on this issue:

It's a sad reflection on the influence of the religious right that this is even a noteworthy issue. If you work at Burger King, and one day you decide that you don't like the Double Whopper and won't serve it to people anymore (say, for reasons of their health), you get fired. If you're an network administrator and one day decide that TCP/IP is the devil's protocol and you won't use it, you get fired. The list goes on. Giving people the legal medication they need is the job of the pharmacist and doctor. Their job is not "Make value judgments about my patients and then prescribe what medications I personally believe are good". We have a central regulatory body that determines what medicines and procedures are legal to give out and perform. Doctors and pharmacists are expected to adhere to these. A pharmacist who decided that he would no longer give cancer patients their drugs or a doctor who decided he will substitute phrenology for a general exam would find themselves out of jobs in short order. The only reason this is an issue is because for some reason "It's my religion!" is taken as a valid excuse for not doing your job.

If you are a pharmacist, it is your job to dispense medications as prescribed. Your personal morals have absolutely no legitimate influence on this. If you do not like this fact, find another job. What the right wing wants here would be equivalent to a pacifist joining the Marines and then complaining that they were being sent to war.

If you're still convinced that this "religious freedom" is the right option, pretend you live in a small town with one local doctor. Now pretend that doctor is a Jehova's Witness. Now think about what happens if you or a loved one needs a transfusion. Your local doctor would then be fully able to refuse to give you/your loved one a transfusion because it goes against their religion.

If you don't like the job requirements, find another job. Don't whine that you chose a job that conflicts with your beliefs. Put up or shut up, either way your morals don't have any effect on me.